The Eve Appeal are the only UK charity focussed on the prevention and early detection of all five gynaecological cancers:
ovarian, womb, cervical, vulval and vaginal. They are also leading campaigners for ending the culture of shame around gynae health.


Since first partnering with The Eve Appeal ten years ago, a pioneering research project fuelled by CEW from its inception has made significant progress. The programme, designed to monitor the earliest signs of ovarian cancer in higher-risk women – with the potential of saving their lives through cancer prevention – is now being piloted by the NHS across the UK.

Get Lippy Programme

In 2018, CEW signed on as lead partner for the launch of Eve’s national consumer campaign, Get Lippy. Get Lippy is an annual, month-long event uniting leading beauty brands to erase gynae taboos and raise vital funds for women’s health. CEW is urging pioneering beauty brands to join the movement to make a lasting impact on women’s health.

We all need The Eve Appeal to help save the lives of our mothers, daughters, sisters, partners and friends.

Caroline Neville MBE, CEW President and Patron of The Eve Appeal