“It is an absolute pleasure to be a part of the CEW Mentor Team. Being a mentor is a rewarding experience, giving an opportunity to help colleagues achieve their goals and make a positive impact.I’ve found it to also be a great way to develop my own skills and knowledge, being exposed to new ideas, perspectives, and challenges through many energising interactions.There’s no better way to build relationships with people outside of your own field whilst developing your own leadership skills, learning how to guide and support others, providing feedback and encouragement. Ultimately, it’s a great way to leave a lasting legacy and make a positive difference.” – Helen Wood, Orveon General Manager, UK and Ireland 


“It has been great having these strategy sessions with my mentor over the last six months. They helped guide and keep me focused on my strategic goals but it was also really helpful to have another perspective when I needed to make business decisions.” – Apinke Efiong, Founder, EKO Botanicals


“The value that the programme offers to the mentees is not to be underestimated, I really wish I had been able to access such a wealth of experience and talent when I started my business. As a mentor I have been inspired by the quality, dedication and commitment from the beauty entrepreneurs Ive been able to work with.”   Aaron Chatterley, Co Founder and President, Indu


 “As a new business owner, it’s the first time in my career that I’ve not had senior leaders in an organisation to look to for guidance and learn from on a day to day basis, and therefore having a mentor has been such an invaluable experience whilst I set up the framework for my budding startup. My mentor (Aviva) has been such an insightful sounding board to help me work through the various challenges of being a small business, and has been generous in opening up her network to avail opportunities that will elevate my business over the long term. I’m so grateful to her for her support and am confident that we will continue our business relationship well beyond the initial programme!” – Cristina Harrell, Co Founder, Convie 


“Very rarely do you get an opportunity in life for a true insider view, learning from those at the very top of their game. The CEW mentor program is all this and more. It’s an opportunity to step outside the echo chamber of many a brand founder, influencing how to think, not what to think. I have found it incredibly empowering. Thank you.” – Abbie Oguntade, Founder, Freya and Bailey Skincare


“Joining CEW has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for MANISAFE  and for me personally for many reasons. One of those phenomenal reasons is being accepted into the CEW 2 Way Mentoring Programme. The calibre of mentors CEW provides is exceptional because they are all successful professionals in the beauty industry. From day one, my mentor helped me develop an action plan to make effective changes to my business. I’ve felt supported, empowered and challenged and I can already see the positive effects in MANISAFE’s performance three months into the programme. I can’t recommend CEW’s mentoring programme enough. Definitely apply!” – Candice Quinn, Founder and CEO Manisafe London


“Taking part in the CEW mentoring program is transformative. It’s like having a supportive sibling in your business. They have your best interests at heart,  enabling you to unlock your potential to fulfil your own jet fuelled engine dreams. When you are in the trenches of building and innovating with a small team and often limited resources,  it’s hard to peek over the parapet with an effective  commercial perspective. My CEW mentor gives me spandex levels of support  with this, focusing and refining different strata within my business. His refreshing review and professional outlook on my company has  inspired me to keep pushing for growth with a fine tuned laser approach. He  challenges me with the best of intent, removing the ever looming risk of navel gazing in an echo chamber. I feel very lucky to find myself in such a welcoming, kind , gold plated network of high achievers. As I grow as a result of the mentoring program I look forward to giving back to other women blazing their trail in the CEW tribe. Thank you so much for this opportunity.” – Ciara Sheahan, CEO Orb Media



“My experience so far of the CEW 2 Way Mentoring Programme has been wholly positive. The matching process worked well and I am working with a beauty brand founder. The mentoring process is certainly 2 way as said founder has strong industry experience and our meetings involve discussions over strategy, brand development and new opportunities. A sharing process, which motivates and inspires me immensely.” – Clare Horner, Group Beauty Director, Harvey Nichols


“I was a little nervous about becoming a mentor, but Alison and CEW ensured the process ran smoothly, kept me well-informed on the expectations of a mentor and mentee. CEW implemented a six-month and one-hour structure per month,  a framework I found invaluable as we are all super busy. I am thoroughly enjoying the process and learning from my mentee too.” – Maxine Laceby, Co – Founder and Everyday Woman, Absolute Collagen


“Being part of the CEW as a Young Exec member has opened up some great opportunities to meet other like minded women in the industry. The biggest opportunity has been access to the mentoring programme. I now have monthly catch ups with someone who has had senior experience in leading beauty retailer Selfridges, and can gain insight and coaching into how I can shape my own career within the beauty industry” – Georgia BradleySenior National Account Manager, Wella


“It has been a pleasure to share my 15 years of experience with the new generation of female entrepreneurs. Having encountered and overcome different obstacles during my time in the beauty industry, I have loved sharing my knowledge and problem-solving skills. It has been an honourable experience, giving back to the CEW community who offered me great advice at the beginning of my beauty career.” – Eva Alexandrides, founder, 111SKIN


“CEW’s 2 way mentoring programme was so incredibly helpful for my business. Being new to the industry, I had a lot to learn but my mentor (Ross) provided real guidance and was a great sounding board for any decisions and questions I had. He was very approachable, helpful and shared a lot of useful information. I would highly recommend this programme to anyone starting out. ” – Anita Mistry, Founder, Guvu Beauty