Each year CEW hosts its annual Achiever Awards to recognise outstanding contributions to the Beauty Industry.

As part of our popular ongoing Young Executive Programme, we launched our Young Achiever Award in 2018 through which we are delighted to recognise rising stars from across the industry at this annual event.

Since the launch of The CEW Young Achiever Award we have had three incredible winners, Lorna Radford, Managing Director, Enkos Developments Ltd, Ayah Mufleh, Founder and CEO of Ishimmer Lashes and last year Laura Tudor, Sustainable Beauty Entrepreneur and Founder of Hair and Scalpcare brand Centred. All of our winners have very different roles within the industry but they all display entrepreneurial talent, creativity and tremendous determination to make a difference.

At only 24 years old, Lorna founded Enkos Developments, a fast-growing and highly respected company, creating exceptional cosmetic formulations that bring her clients’ dreams to life, and developing an expanding team of happy, enthused and very effective cosmetic scientists.

IShimmer Lashes are the brainchild of Jordanian-American entrepreneur Ayah Mufleh, who ran a beauty blog before launching her brand back in 2015. Ayah had a passion to create truly unique lashes, as she had found ones previously on the market a little heavy. She carefully measured the weight of each individual hair, to create weightless lashes and is now finding great success around the world.

After a career in fashion, Laura Tudor made the jump to beauty when she realised that she had a vision for creating high performance, natural and sustainable hair care products that would both educate and empower the consumer to make more conscious decisions for their beauty and wellness regimes. Laura launched Centred at the start of 2020 and has seen great success ever since.

We are asking YOU, our members, to nominate a standout Young Executive member and share your reasons why you think they should be our 2021 Young Achiever!

Nominations will be considered by the CEW Board and announced prior to the 2021 Achiever Awards.


Nominees should be put forward by CEW members. You may nominate yourself. Nominees must be Young Executive members of CEW (Up to and including age 35 years).

You can nominate for your 2021 winner here.