The Responsible Beauty Awards Judges’


Maxine Canham – Moderator

Maxine Canham is Global Account Manager at Givaudan Active Beauty and has a special interest in Indie brands. Maxine is a Board Member of CEW UK, and is the individual you see on stage each year greeting the winners and presenting them with their statuesque Lalique awards. As moderator of the Responsible Beauty Awards, Maxine ensures the judges’ appraisal process is fair and impartial, and keeps the judges’ assessments in hand in an orderly fashion.


Teresa Flint Rojas – Judge

Teresa Flint Rojas serves as Global Sustainability Manager at Givaudan, spanning both beauty and fragrance divisions, where she works with customers to improve their corporate, brand, and product sustainability efforts. With a master’s degree in Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Monitoring – along with a background working in regulatory affairs – Teresa brings a calm and measured analytical mindset to the judging process, carefully considering the impacts on ecology and biodiversity of each entrant and weighing up the virtues of their technical processes.


Jo Fairley – Judge

We are certain that Jo Fairley requires very little introduction. As Co-Founder of Green & Black’s Chocolate – the world’s first organic chocolate and the UK’s first Fairtrade-marked product (now a $100 million a year brand) – as well as The Beauty Bible, The Perfume Society, and author of over 25 books, Jo is an entrepreneurial powerhouse in ethical and sustainable brands. What she doesn’t know about beauty isn’t worth knowing, and these days Jo is an inspirational public speaker, award-winning journalist, and an advisor at the Sustainable Beauty Coalition led by the British Beauty Council.


Amarjit Sahota – Judge

Amarjit has over 20 years’ experience in business management, research, and consulting, and has worked throughout Europe and South-East Asia. As Founder & CEO of Ecovia Intelligence; a market research and consulting organisation focusing on global organic & related product industries, Amarjit is also an advisor to the Sustainable Beauty Coalition led by the British Beauty Council, and is best known for hosting the annual Global Sustainability Summits in food, beauty, and homecare, as well as having founded the Sustainable Beauty Awards in 2013.


Wren Holmes – Judge

Wren Holmes has fifteen years’ experience ‘behind the scenes’ in new product and brand development, launching many iconic multi-award-winning brands, with a specialism in natural and sustainable skincare. Holding a master’s degree in Globalisation and Development, she regularly writes, speaks, and consults on the topic of purpose-led branding, on climate and development issues such as ethnobotany and agroecology, and increasingly focuses on helping brands with their carbon footprinting and getting to net zero.