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Amazon is guided by four principles: customer obsession rather than competitor focus, passion for invention, commitment to operational excellence, and long-term thinking. Amazon strives to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, Earth’s best employer, and Earth’s safest place to work. Customer reviews, 1-Click shopping, personalised recommendations, Prime, Fulfilment by Amazon, AWS, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle, Career Choice, Fire tablets, Fire TV, Amazon Echo, Alexa, Just Walk Out technology, Amazon Studios, and The Climate Pledge are some of the things pioneered by Amazon.


Arefeh Ghahvechi, Senior AI Strategist at AWS

At AWS’ Generative AI Innovation Center, Arefeh specializes in helping customers realize rapid value from GenAI. Collaborating closely with AWS science teams, she works with customers across diverse industries turn their ideas into reality, by building and deploying GenAI solutions that cater to their specific business needs. With over 8 years of experience at Amazon, Arefeh built her career in product development. Notably, she led the Personalization product team for Amazon Japan, spearheading the development of innovative AI/ML products and enhancing experiences for Amazon Prime customers. Prior to this, she played a critical role in several Amazon launches, including the launch of the Singapore retail business, and the introduction of Prime Video TVOD in the Netherlands.


Christelle Xu, Senior AI Strategist at AWS

Christelle is a Senior AI Strategist at AWS within the Generative AI Innovation Center, where she serves as a trusted advisor to customers, accelerating GenAI adoption to quickly help them realise business impact. She has spent her career leading the development of large-scale data, analytics, and AI implementations for companies across a range of industries, and, prior to joining AWS, spearheaded the development of the GenAI practice within her previous organisation.

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Google LLC is a multinational corporation and technology company focusing on online advertising, search engine technology, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, consumer electronics, and artificial intelligence.

Alice Lovell, Global Luxury Industry Lead

Alice is a beauty and luxury industry expert with over 10 years of experience. She is a strategic partner to leading global retailers and brands at Google to drive growth by leveraging her deep industry knowledge. Prior to joining Google Alice worked with various fashion and beauty brands/retailers at her time at Hearst and Condé Nast, and brand side at Swarovski and the Doyle Collection.

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DTC Live

The DTC LIVE conference brings together the world’s leading eCom and retail brands, world-class technology platforms and service providers with the sole purpose of supporting brand owners to grow their businesses. Since its inception, DTC LIVE has gone on to become one of the UK’s leading e-commerce conferences, winning ‘Best E-Commerce Event’ at the 2023 FlameNCo Ecom Awards. DTC LIVE has featured the inspirational stories and insights of some of the world’s leading brand founders and the incredible growth of the event means we’re now holding events in both Manchester and New York, as well as our flagship London conference.

Host, Natasha Courntenay-Smith, DTC Live

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Creator IQ

CreatorIQ was founded in 2014 and since then we have expanded rapidly – with 325+ employees, offices in the US and Europe, and more pets (and plants) than they can count. They are a hybrid first work environment and our team can work from home, the office or one of many co-working locations. In 2021, our team expanded with the acquisition of Tribe Dynamics, the influencer marketing analytics platform. Our combined team is smart, driven, and talented – and we love sharing a happy hour together (virtually or in person).

Speaker: Conor Begley, Co-founder at Tribe Dynamics


Conor Begley is the Co-founder Tribe Dynamics and Chief Strategy Officer at CreatorIQ. In September 2021, Tribe Dynamics was acquired by CreatorIQ to create the leading influencer marketing platform for the creator economy, bringing together influencer performance management and analytics solutions to help brands and businesses. Conor has been named one of the 100 Most Influential People in Influencer Marketing by Influence Weekly, and was recognized as one of the 100 Leaders of Tomorrow by St. Gallen’s Symposium.

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The Inkey List

Colette Laxton, Co-Founder, The Inkey List

Mark Curry and Colette Laxton co-founded The INKEY List in the U.K. in 2018. The brand was born from a belief that better knowledge powers better decisions. On a mission to simplify skincare for the masses, they exist to break down complicated beauty jargon and empower their ever-growing community with the knowledge they need to make personalized decisions for their skin. With 24/7, 365 askINKEY services, The INKEY List has helped over 7 million people globally to unlock a routine that works for them. Science-backed, results-driven and community-first.

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Superco has developed a process to enable the growth of your brand. Our team identifies and prioritises all opportunities so they only deliver work that makes a difference. They operate in two-week sprints, providing a report at the end of each month that updates you on the progress of your roadmap.

Tom Mucklow, Founder of Superco

Tom is the Co-Founder of the Shopify Plus agency: Superco. A design & development agency focused on improving customer experience. Tom has 8+ years of experience consulting for and developing FMCG brands and their eCommerce strategy. Tom and co-founder, Tom head up a team of eCommerce experts dedicated to providing exceptional customer experiences for Shopify Plus brands.

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As the fastest growing area in commerce, subscriptions hold exciting opportunities to build a community of customers who share your values. Recharge believes subscriptions are a powerful way for consumers to engage with their favourite brands. They lower the friction around purchasing and build ongoing relationships between our customers and their subscribers. This helps our merchants grow their business and increase customer loyalty.

Speaker: Ryan Forester, Senior Partner Manager at Recharge

Ryan is Partner Manager at Recharge covering the EMEA region. With a long history in sales and partnerships, he has spent the last 3 years at Recharge working with partners with a focus on go-to-market strategies, has built expertise in subscription commerce and has helped launch hundreds of merchants onto the Recharge platform. Before joining Recharge, Ryan started his career in the payments and financial services sectors working across sales and partnerships.

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Rebuy is an omnichannel personalisation platform empowering e-commerce brands on Shopify to increase AOV, accelerate sales, and grow quickly. Unlike other options, Rebuy provides a full suite of personalisation, marketing, and retention services, white-glove support, and a customisable shopping cart. Trusted by 10,000+ retailers worldwide, Rebuy’s powerful technology is redefining data-powered shopping experiences.

Speakers- Valeria Granda, Senior Agency Partner Manager at Rebuy (North America EAST & EMEA)

Founded by two developers brothers in 2017, Rebuy empowers Shopify stores of all sizes to offer personalized shopping experiences designed to increase conversions, boost order values, and retain more customers using intelligent upsells, cross-sells, and post-purchase follow-ups.

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Ocula Technologies

Ocula co-founders Thomas and Greg witnessed the majority of retailers and brands globally fail to make profitable use of one of their greatest assets: data. While advanced players deployed algorithms to deliver engaging customer experiences, smarter pricing, better stock availability and more, the majority were being left behind.

After seeing one too many vendors fail to deliver the business change promised and in-house proof of concepts fail to scale they decided to act. Ocula’s platform has been designed and built from the ground up to level the playing field and overcome the main barriers that exist to delivering the key insights that business users need. Our clients grow their eCommerce P&L with the power of AI in ways they never imagined possible. A team of digital and data science experts are driving change at leading brands.

Speakers: Thomas McKenna, Co-founder of Ocula Technologies

Thomas has spent his career developing cutting-edge data & analytics capabilities for several of the world’s largest companies. At Ocula they are levelling the AI playing field for eCommerce clients like Boots, Coty & Salons Direct where their platform analyses and enhances every product page. Creating teams that are 95% more efficient and PDPs with 20% higher conversion rates.

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With headquarters in Chicago and Helsinki, Revieve’s commercial-grade technology drives tangible business value for their partners by creating consumer-powered experiences across all device touchpoints—from online and in-app to in-store screens and social platforms.
The company’s proprietary technology is the Revieve Digital Health-Beauty-Wellness Platform, which features easy-to-use self-diagnostic modules that personalize search and shopping experiences, by delivering consumers targeted products, services and treatments.

Speakers: Miikka Mäkiö, Senior Vice President of EMEA at Revieve.

Boasting 7 years of experience within the beauty industry, Miikka is dedicated to revolutionizing the beauty landscape globally. His expertise lies in deploying cutting-edge digital solutions for beauty brands and retailers, enhancing the shopping experience for consumers.

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Onepilot is reinventing the way brands can outsource all or part of their customer care. Simple and flexible, Tech-enabled, 2000+ native speakers, experts and locally based agents. Best-in-class quality at ultra-competitive per-ticket pricing. Set up in weeks. No commitment. Full flexibility. Round-the-clock availability. Omnichannel. 24/7.

Speaker: George Loraine

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SoPost has, and continues to, revolutionize the digital sampling space. Traditional product sampling methods had significant flaws, leaving brands unable to effectively target their ideal audience, accurately measure success or build an ongoing relationship with consumers. SoPost empowers brands to reach the right people in the right environments through targeted product sampling experiences that drive awareness, conversion and high-quality engagement.

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