CEW is delighted to welcome Yasmin-Kate Pattison to our zoom stage for the first in a series of events looking at wellbeing, stress, mental health and anxiety.

With a career spanning 20 years in the beauty industry, she is an expert developmental coach and specilaises in mental health training, developmental coaching and supports businesses on how to implement a wellbeing strategy no matter the size of the business.

In the first episode we will unpack our health and well-being - physical, emotional and mental.

We will begin the journey to understand what mental health is and isn't, the language we use in our daily lives around mental health and how this either builds or breaks down stigma. We will take a look at why this is important for business and how you can incorporate these learnings to make positive change in your own businesses.

22nd October 2020 4:00 PM through  5:00 PM