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‘Getting Under the Skin of Women’How leading beauty brands tailor their communications approach to target women   A recent report on the Beauty Economy has revealed the average woman spends £100,000 in their lifetime on beauty, illustrating the important role the beauty sector plays in women’s lives. So what do women want from brands, and how do those brands live up to the trust that women place in them every day?  On the 21st September, Global Media hosted a business breakfast at the stunning Ham Yard Hotel to explore how leading beauty brands create tailored communications that resonate with different female audiences – across all ages and demographics. Key speakers who shared their insights on the day included:    -Stephanie Sherman, Vice President & General Manager of Estée Lauder    -Demetra Pinsent, CEO of Charlotte Tilbury    -Emily Bromfield, Marketing and Communications Director at Charlotte Tilbury     -Jo McCrostie, Creative Director of Global Media and Entertainment Group Stephanie Sherman, Vice President & General Manager of Estée Lauder on connecting with consumers… As one of the world’s most respected and beloved beauty brands, Estée Lauder has a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating engaging communications rooted in scientific research to ensure that their communications resonate with each target demographics in a way that resonates with them. She said: “We are moving away from focusing on problems and concerns to create a more positive dialogue. Women see themselves as a work in progress and are always finessing their beauty products and routines. In today’s market, it’s less about age and more about mindset. Where we used to focus on product launches and benefits, in today’s market it’s more about delivering a seamless, relevant and informed experience, whether it be seasonal or based around a life event. It’s all about providing inspiration, information and choice, while being agile and faster than the consumer to surprise and delight her.” While Estée Lauder is a heritage brand, it is ensures that it is continually engaging with all audiences from Millennials to an older demographic. This is best reflected in Estée Lauder’s selection of models – from ad campaigns featuring youthful, global ambassador Kendall Jenner in Box Park in Shoreditch to targeting an older demographic in Harrods, featuring  ads with Eva Mendas, who is the face of the brand’s New Dimension range, which targets more mature women who are interested in anti-ageing products.  The dream team behind Charlotte Tilbury- Demetra Pinsent and Emily Bromfield on how to create tailored marketing and PR campaigns  Although Charlotte is a relatively new brand in the world of beauty, it is quickly becoming one of the UK’s hottest beauty brands. Their brand strategy is all about delivering Charlotte’s expert artistry and making it easy for people to easily recreate their favourite looks at home so that they can enjoy the transformative power of makeup.   Demetra said: “We believe that makeup has the power to transform your face, your state of mind and your future. We believe that the act of telling is very important. We reach out to wide audiences using different types of content based the consumers we’re engaging with.” Charlotte Tilbury’s partnership with Global to launch its Magic Foundation is a great example of a brand that uses a variety of marketing channels including radio, social media online features and targeted banner ad campaigns to create content tailored specifically for each audience group. To engage with a younger demographic (15-35 years old) for Capital FM, Charlotte Tilbury focused on Charlotte Tilbury reporting live from catwalks at New York Fashion Week as this was most relevant to their young audience who are heavily influenced by celebrity trends. For Classic FM’s more mature audience (30+ years old), they focused on communicating the benefits that makes you feel good and for Heart FM (25-44 years old), they focused on the aspirational power of who you can be with makeup. Thus far, their approach is working incredibly well, which is demonstrated by the fact that its Magic Foundation has been the bestselling foundation in Selfridges since its launch. Jo McCrostie, Creative Director of Global Media and Entertainment Group on the power of audio  With a wealth of experience as an accomplished presenter and industry creative, Jo began her talk stressing that radio listening figures are higher now than 10 years ago, which demonstrates the power audio has for driving emotional engagement. Jo said: “Often words alone can’t convey a feeling or sentiment that a brand wishes to express, which is where music really delivers. With audio advertisement it’s not so much about what you say about your product but how you say it.” Jo shared that people often can tell if someone is being genuine based on their voice alone. Global conducted research into whether customers can tell if someone is telling the truth or simply by listening to recordings of women repeating the same phrase to praise a product, and it was clear which of the women were telling the truth.  Advertisers are also well aware of the potency of a powerful song, which was best evidenced by John Lewis’ heart-warming Christmas campaign featuring Lily Allen’s song ‘Somewhere Only We Know’, which saw her song top the charts thanks to the popularity of the ad. So, what is the future of audio? Jo believes Global’s new venture DAX (Digital Audio Exchange), a single buying point for audio advertising across different channels will help streamline the advertising process, while ensuring that brands can easily communicate with all of its audience via targeted campaigns that allow beauty brands to communicate with their customers on a more intimate level.    CEW would like to thank Global Media and Entertainment Group for hosting the CEW event and Alison Page, Director of Client and Category Development at Global Media and Entertainment and CEW Board Director, for making this event possible.    Hosted by:
21st September 2015 12:00 AM through 12:00 AM
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