Brit McCorquodale

Brit McCorquodale is SVP Revenue at Tribe Dynamics, an advanced influencer marketing technology for lifestyle brands.

Why is CEW membership important to you?

CEW really brings the industry together. Membership provides me the opportunity to connect and learn from other industry leaders, emerging talent, and relevant partners. The industry focus gives everyone common ground and cause. I find beauty incredibly dynamic and giving, and CEW provides a forum for conversations shaping the industry.

Do you have any tips for getting the most out of CEW membership?

Engage. Attend events, read as much content as possible. Leverage networking opportunities and connections. It will give back as much as you put in.

What is the most exciting aspect of your current role?

Since joining Tribe Dynamics 5 years ago, I’ve been able to have conversations with top management at best-in-class brands about how to leverage the changing marketing landscape to grow their business and connect with consumers. Beauty has, and is, at the forefront of the influencer and content creator world, so we’ve learned from (and hopefully shared learnings with!) the brands setting the standards for… everyone else.

From your perspective, what is biggest challenge for the beauty industry in the next two years?

2020 reminded us that there is no crystal ball. I think the challenge of the industry is to balance the unknown with boldness. We’ve seen huge success from both incumbents and emerging brands that take bold action, create new space, and always have an ear to the ground and an active lens on the future.

How can we better support women in the workplace?

This can’t be said enough… women need seats at the highest tables. Exposure early in your career to the types of paths and roles possible is incredibly important. It would be great to see expanded mentorship and educational opportunities to help women learn more about the “business” of the business -- the role of a board, fundraising strategies, responsibilities of a CEO, etc. We forget later in our career that these answers were not always apparent (or available). I’m also a new mom that left for maternity leave pre-pandemic, and returned (remotely) to a very changed world, professionally and personally. Building progressive company policies and support systems that genuinely promote healthy and balanced lifestyles will help companies attract, retain and grow top talent.

What’s the most important piece of advice you have been given during your career?

Recognising the power of empathetic leadership. This is a performance indicator that has long gone unnoticed and undervalued. Bringing empathy into all relationships (brand to consumer, manager to report, peer to peer) will make you a better individual contributor, collaborator and leader.