Joe Hemsley

Joe is the Founder of Hemsley Organics.

Hemsley Organics are a proud British brand that shares its passion for clean, natural, vegan products & well-being by making a conscious contribution towards sustaining the planet.

What do you love most about working in the beauty industry?

I think the beauty industry is such an exciting industry to be a part of. It’s an industry that always continues to evolve and allows you to really get your creative energy flowing. I love being a part of making people feel good, knowing that your products are providing a positive impact to someone in their day to day lives is great, it’s nice to know that you are making a difference to someone and helping them to feel their best.

From your perspective, what is the biggest challenge for the beauty industry in the next two years?

Personally, I think continuing down the path of becoming a more sustainable industry, I think this is a big challenge for lots of industry’s but for the beauty industry more so. It’s never been so important to be responsibly sustainable and the beauty industry are improving on this all the time. As a brand sustainability is a huge passion of ours and something we hold close, so I am proud that as a new brand we are starting as we mean to go on with this. Lastly, I think adapting and moving forward in a positive way from the changes everyone has faced these past 2 years will continue to challenge us all in one way or another.

What do you feel is the most important quality for someone to possess in order to have a successful career?

I would say the most important quality is determination. Building a successful career is testing and sometimes hard but I think you need to go through these times in order to appreciate the good and be worthy of success. There will always be obstacles you need to overcome which is why remaining determined is important, always remember your why. I would also have to add in gratitude, when you have a goal, you are working towards it’s easy to pass by the small successes and forget the little things that have helped along the way so always recognise these and be grateful, no matter how small.

Tell us about Hemsley Organics?

Our brand ethos is about delivering, meaningful skincare which is blessed by energy and nurtured by nature. At Hemsley Organics, we believe that beauty and wellbeing are harmonious and that each begin with those mindful moments in the every day. Hemsley Organics has been inspired through these very moments and our aim is to bring a more holistic approach to skincare, we want to connect skincare back to wellbeing each and every time. We have created a range that is just the beginning of a wellness driven brand that focuses on Organic, as well as the importance of transparent, ethical, and sustainable skincare.

What are you most excited about for your business in the next twelve months?

We have big plans for Hemsley Organics, and I cannot wait to see it blossom and grow. I would say I am most excited for this journey over the next twelve months and educating people on Reiki and why it is so beneficial for our well-being. I am excited for more people to get to know about Hemsley Organics and hopefully influencing people to make more conscious choices about their skincare and that we can take care of our well-being on a deeper level with the help of Reiki.

What’s the most important advice you have been given during your career?

Don’t be afraid to be different. Hemsley Organics is no doubt a controversial brand but that’s why we love it. Bringing something different to an already crowded marketplace can be scary but when you are bringing it with all the best intentions, we can’t be afraid to be different and instead channel that into excitement.