Valerie Kaminov

Founder & Managing Director of ILBC

Why is CEW membership important to you?

Being a member has been invaluable in growing my business, it is about being part of a network that connects, educates, supports, inspires and truly represents all aspects of our community. It is an indispensable and insightful resource not just for members but in a wider role as its passionate advocacy has helped drive a greater recognition of the beauty industry.

What is the most exciting aspect of your current role?

With my business, I am very fortunate in that no two days are the same. I might be sourcing brands for a leading retailer, advising a private equity firm on a brand acquisition, developing a high-growth international market entry strategy or arranging the IMF Convention - I get to use my 20 years of beauty experience in many ways. IN the next twelve months I am looking forward to developing my new Paris office as it is a very interesting time in French beauty right now with some great brands emerging. China is one of my specialist and growing areas, I am looking forward to consolidating it even further. I love to be active globally, it is also very beneficial with the advisory side of my business.

What do you love the most about working in the beauty industry?

I love the dynamism and diversity, with my consultancy I get to work with founders and financiers, distributors and department stores, cosmetologists and cruise lines, to name just a few areas. Beauty is wonderfully varied and its constant evolution exhilarating.

How important has mentorship been in your career journey?

The lessons and values I have gained through mentorship have helped me throughout my career, it makes you look at opportunities and obstacles from a different perspective. The right mentor can energize you and provide you with counsel when you most need it. I enjoy mentoring too, empowering not solving is key.

What are the values that you believe are important in developing a successful beauty business?

Attaining success is rarely a matter of luck, it’s about taking the time to learn, being clear-cut in your goals and your vision, having self-belief, passion and discipline as well as patience as it takes time to be successful. You need to be ready for any opportunity and to run with it.