In today’s chaotic landscape, it seems that beauty, despite its ever-changing nature, offers consumers a sense of stability, self-care, and control.  Whether quarantining at home, exploring skincare actives, or prepping for a post-vax “hot girl summer” wearing graphic eyeliner, beauty trends have become an accessible hobby to distract one from the constant looming of uncertainty.

2023 won’t be any different.  Following a year riddled with persistent news of an economic recession, beauty searches fell off early in the summer.  Since then, beauty interest has continued to waver as experts across the industry have held their breath, hoping consumer confidence returns.  Despite this precarious landscape, many trends have gained traction, with success pointing to significant opportunities for brands in the months ahead.

“Spurred by an endless cycle of viral TikToks and product launches, in 2023 consumers will continue to show interest in new sunscreen formats, skin barrier repair, innovative hair bonding tech, and creamy, blendable color complexion products.  An overview of top trends demonstrates that consumers are also prioritising hair and skin health.  After all, liquid blush or cream contour looks much better applied over a healthy skin barrier, and Velcro rollers work best on hydrated tresses,” said Spate co-founder, Yarden Horwitz.

“The reappearance of certain trends from our 2022 Trends Report, such as SPF tinted moisturizer, scalp serum, and cat eye lashes, reminds us that no matter how rapid today’s trend cycle is, there are still trends with staying power.  These trends are becoming a must-have for today’s beauty consumer.  Brands have the opportunity to not only innovate but also to double down on the products that they know are successful with their customers.”

Use Spate’s 2023 Trends Report to understand the nuances of this year’s consumer, to plan newness strategically, or to reposition existing products and points of difference that were previously overlooked.  Brands that can adapt and offer high-quality products to align with consumer interests will be well-positioned for success in the coming year.

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