The trends presented in Euromonitor’s Global Trends Report (an annual Beauty News favourite) predict how consumers will shop based on cultural, social, and economic shifts and show how companies can better prepare to cater to today’s ever-changing shopper.


Be sure to access the report for a deep dive into each consumer trend and how it may impact your company.

Authentic Automation

Serving up tech to strengthen a consumer’s shopping journey is on every retailer’s hit list, but tech can’t match human nuances. Businesses must embrace Authentic Automation to strengthen the shopping journey or risk customer attrition.



Consumers have become methodical with their money, and businesses need to implement or develop solutions that help Budgeteers save while also evaluating overhead expenses.


Control the Scroll

Internet activities are transitioning from mindless to mindful. Consumers want to consolidate and centralize their platform usage to optimize their time. To Control the Scroll, businesses must refine digital experiences.


Eco Economic

Being cost-effective is about limiting and reducing while consuming less yields sustainability. Organizations are stepping up to help Eco-Economic consumers save money and the planet.


Game On

Gaming is a top form of entertainment – and the typical gamer stereotype has been debunked (nearly 50 percent of gamers are women). Today, businesses should tap into the gaming culture to convert players into payers.


Here and Now

Consumers are giving themselves permission to live a little. And they’re taking a short-term buying approach with discretionary items. The Here and Now consumer trend leaves opportunities for businesses to cater to consumers looking for instant gratification.